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Other Services


Types of Loans:

  • Real Estate Loans – Let our Bank help you buy or improve your home.
  • Consumer Loans – Buy a new car, camper, boat, go on a vacation with the help of a personal consumer loan.
  • Commercial Loans – Expand your existing business or start up a new business.
  • Agriculture – Livestock, real estate, and machinery and equipment loans.

Deposit Accounts

Types of Accounts:

  • Checking Accounts- Easy access to your funds.
  • Savings Accounts- Earn interest on your rainy day funds.
  • Certificates of Deposit- Earn interest on your funds for a range of maturities.
  • Traditional IRA Accounts-Save for your retirement, tax deferred.
  • Roth IRA Accounts- Save for your retirement. Qualified withdrawals are tax free.
  • Coverdell Education IRA Accounts- Save for education.

Premium Services

Types of Services:

  • Visa – Accepted world-wide. Ask us for an application.
  • Cash Card–Access your funds world-wide. Ask us for an application.
  • Cash and Debit Card – Make purchases and access your funds world-wide. Ask us for an application.
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